Our Vision

At Design Rocket, we believe in a partnership model with our clients, most of whom are start-ups. We collaborate with companies to help them get to the next step, no matter what stage they are. We believe that good design leads to good businesses. For early stage companies, it’s getting to MVP, building something together from the ground up. For mature start-ups, it’s getting more traction, visibility and scale. We work hand-in-hand to integrate our design experience and branding expertise to take your ideas to the next level.

It’s been three years. We have a proven track record with companies across the board, delivering to meet their needs and their stage. After our contributions, we have watched our clients gain a combined $100M+ in Seed and Series A funding, and we couldn't be prouder. We have increased engagement unanimously across all the products we have touched. 

So, it’s going well. Join the ride and let’s make something great. 


Leadership and Team


Design Rocket is founded by Kajal Gala. She started her career as an Interaction Designer after receiving her degree in Human Computer Interaction and Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to starting Design Rocket, Kajal brings 10+ years professional experience, where she has defined the user experience for companies ranging from fast growing startups like Knewton, to Fortune 500 firms, Nike, Verizon, Converse, Lowes and HBO. 

Coming from a digital agency and start-up background, Kajal saw an opportunity to create a design strategy firm that focuses on working with start-ups, with the focus on bringing new and innovative products to users.

Kajal Gala has enjoyed recognition for her work, including the Silver Lion Cannes Awards (2007 and 2011) and the Silver International London Award (2007) for her work on Verizon, Converse and HBO respectively. Kajal has designed wearable technology that was exhibited at the Siggraph Cyber Exhibition (2005).


Rebecca Shotz
Visual Design Lead

Matthias Courville
Product Development


Jessie Qian
Design Researcher

Diego Barragan
Brand Design Lead





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