Client: Tuva
Our Role: MVP UX, Design & Branding


Tuva is a data literacy learning platform for K-12. Design Rocket designed the core UX and branding.

Tuva's provides a data plotting tool and activities to teachers and students. The goal of Tuva is to teach students crucial data analysis skills. Tuva enables access to real world datasets that bring to life many environmental, social and historical facts. 


Our first task was to rebrand the product. We shifted the current vision from a purely data literacy company to a product which make students more conscious of world and social matters through analyzing concrete data. We invented the tagline "see the world through the lens of data" as a starting point for the brand vision. 


The colors and font were designed to support an archeological look and feel that gave the imagery of exploration. This helped humanize the product and made it relevant for teachers in multiple subjects and their students.  We used the elements from the data exploration tool and the essence of the graphic environment to design the simple, yet powerful logo.

Here you will see the update logo, brand mission, graphics, compositions, fonts and logos


Next, take a look at our redesign of Tuva labs