Client: Future Advisor
Our Role: UX and Visual Design

Learn About Future Advisor

Design Rocket redesigned Future Advisor's mobile experience to gain customer confidence

Future Advisor, acquired by BlackRock Associates in 2016, provides personalized investing advice and data-driven recommendations to help users meet their investment goals. Design Rocket collaborated with Future Advisor to improve the design to increase user sign up and engagement rates on mobile.


Future Advisor's mobile app was experiencing high level of drop offs rates from customers. They had found that users are apprehensive to giving personal information on a mobile device during sign up and lacked trust in financial advise that was generated from algorithms. We were to redesign the mobile experience to be informative and made the user feel like they were in good hand, to prevent users from dropping off. 


We worked with Future Advisor to identify key drop off points. Through user research we identified the major areas were: picking a risk level, connecting to bank accounts and taking action on Future advisors recommendation screen. We re-envisioned the experience so each step was step by step, guided and supported by reasons as to why were were asking users to take certain actions. 

Sign Up Updates:
Based on initial research, we found that consumer's cannot reliably identify their own risk bucket. Further, the definition of low and high risk varies from one person or financial institution to the next. We designed a set up process where users can take an optional questionnaire to help determine their exact risk level. Based on their risk level, we can provide targeted recommendations that fits the user's needs. 


  • Future Advisor launched the updated Mobile iOS Application in June 2015
  • Future Advisor was acquired by BlackRock in August 2015