Client: Cor
Our Role: UX, Branding & Visual Design

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Design the first-to-market product for in-home vitals tracking

Cor is a transformative wellness product, where it one can access vital health information through a single drop of blood. Before Cor, one could only track surface-level inputs like steps, whereas deeper levels of health information were not available directly to you aside from going to a doctor. 


Cor approached Design Rocket when they only had the hardware but no digital experience. We were asked to craft the first experience, and with no end user experience in place, the sky was the limit. How could we make an application which helps users see inside of their bodies and motivate them to make the right lifestyle changes? We had to create a concept which brought the product to life to attract potential customers, investors and gain market presence - while being extremely easy to use. 


We designed for the target user, someone who is tech-forward, interested in fitness and wanted to be in the know of their health. We created a social-support system within the app, which allowed users to get their results and see tips on how they would improve core indicators from fellow Cor members. So if a users cholesterol was very high, they would be able to tap into the community to see what was effective in bringing cholesterol levels down. Further the user would be able to see long term trends about their health, highlighting key areas that have improved and others which need additional attention.

We started the process by a series of focus groups to identify the right user segment for this new product. We talked to many potential target users, such as people with ongoing health issues and people that were fitness conscious. We got a deeper understanding of their current routines, worries and perceptions towards Cor. In conclusion we found that fitness users were fed up of having very little information about changes in their body and a overall lack of support for day-to-day challenges from their doctors. In order for user to adopt Cor, they wanted to feel in control of their health and get the much desired support. 
User flow shows what happens after a blood sample is placed in the machine. Users see results, can share a health tip and see health trends over time:
dr-cor-visual-1 copy 11@1x.png
Product in use and full product bundle
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 1.48.35 PM.png



  • Raised 229% of Indiegogo Campaign Target
  • Featured in Techcrunch "Former Apple exec launches at-home blood test startup"
  • Product and app are currently in production and expected in available in 2018